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About Adrienne

Hi! I’m Adrienne. A Spain based French-American who has dreamed of travel adventures for as long as I can remember. For the past 15 years, I’ve chased those dreams every chance I’ve had! 


I grew up in a multicultural military family, regularly moving around the US and spending summers in France visiting family. Naturally, the travel bug bit me early on, and as soon as I’d completed my bachelor’s degree, I packed my bags and set out to explore the globe. One destination led to the next as I traveled extensively through Western Europe and then South America until finally settling in Peru for the next 5 years, beginning my career as a travel advisor. 


Since then, I’ve spent months on end globe-trotting, with some of my favorite experiences including caring for rescue elephants in Thailand, biking through tea plantations in India, witnessing sunrise over the Sahara, and snorkeling with sea lions in the Galapagos. Not to mention, feeding my inner foodie, trying local specialties and learning new recipes every step of the way!


For me, to travel is to really live. To deepen your understanding of the world, to experience child-like wonder at something you’ve never seen before, to free yourself from routine, and to create memories that will forever give you a reason to smile. 


Just shy of 60 countries now, but nowhere near done exploring this amazing planet we live on, I can’t wait to share this life-long passion with YOU and to help create YOUR OWN extraordinary adventures!

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